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Not to often do we get the opportunity to go just all out on a customs audio system. We do very well with installing the Dynaudio into the Porsche vehicles but this car has achieved as we like to call the Sinister Edition. The Sinister Edition started back in 2001 when Saturn Killed was working at his own shop The Sound Company in Cathedral City. The Simple concept of going red and black on a car and making it feel like a coffin has always been a motivational factory in any of his builds. 


    "I believe cars should be Fast and Loud. They should inspire fear in your opponents when you pull up ready to put it all on the line for that one quarter of a mile. It should sound as good as it look. It should be mysterious and peak curiosity and above all else out perform the competition in every aspect of the build. I created the Sinister Editions vehicles in hope to inspire fear in my opponents and the desire above all else to win. The concept is born for guys Like Johnny Cash, David Bowie, Elvis Presley, Iggy Pop, Marilyn Manson, James Maynard, Slash and other great musicians that stood up to what society said is unacceptable and to walk through the conversation of there times and live to become Men of Legends. Society wants everything to fit in a box, to be labeled, and to be boring. Ed Roth when he started build cars pushed the envelope of what people considered a vehicle. Back in the 40 and 50 people would discovered drag racing and were off to modify their old Ford and Chevrolet chopping, shaving and modifying them. Your car should be an extension of you personality and a common believes to break through the barriers of boring and simple to a vehicle that makes the blood in your veins flow and your heart pump..

    Hence  The Sinister Edition. It is my belief that the Black Represents the Darkness in us all, That Little voice in your head that tells you to day I Will No Be Disrespected and I will Drive Fast, Listen To Loud Music and Turn The Heads of The Masses. The Dark Red Represent the Blood that flow through ever man and woman body. Your Heart that Pump the The Blood Like Gasoline through our veins and make and the adrenaline that flow in that blood. I stand for the Outcast, the Misfits, the Rebels of this world. The people that set the trends and not the ones who follow. Life is a Journey, arrive in style, your own style not someones else. Never be told its too loud. Never settle for second best, Never settle for boring. Push the limits and nurture the counter culture that resides deep with in us all. Let all the senses feast on the Audible, the Visual and the Kinetic and explore the depths of your soul. Satnd up and Fight! Dare to be different. 

   I challenge you this. When your sick and tired of being sick and tired. When driving a luxury car or a classic is not truing heads, gaining the respects of your peers, and your sick and tired of the way you feel... I can Help. My Name is Saturn Killed and I build Dreams. I don't Follow Trends, I Create Them." -Saturn Killed Custom Car Builder Al & Ed's Marina Del Rey, California. 


   So We set out to style a 2010 Porsche Boxster For a customer. We are going to push the envelope to create truly a one of a kind Driving experience and to do this I am going to need so help of a few professionals. When It comes to the Vision of Saturn He only works with the best in the business. After a Planning session and ordering all the proper parts we need for the Sinister Edition Porsche Boxster the Decision was made to bring in Andre and George Of New Life to do the Interior Leather work. For Carbon Fiber Dave from DB Carbon was contacted to get the Carbon Parts Into Production which will be coming all the way from Germany. A few small detail Carbon Parts will be done By Simon Inc. The Paint Booth time was book for Armando at MCB Collision and Mike M. from Globe Tires will be taking care of the brakes and tires for us. We sub contract some of the work out because it speed up the process and will keep us on time for delivery. The vehicle wrap, audio system, tear down and assembly will be done in house at Al & Ed's Marina Del Rey, CA and the Detailing at the end will be courtesy of Mikes Mobile Wash.   

First Week Photos



List of Modifications

List of the Upgrades
Alpine INE-W927HD Navigation system with Limited Edition Sinister Boot Screen
Dyn Audio Componets GT162
JL Audo HD 600/4 Amp
Stinger Pro Cables
Back Up Camera
DRC 8 inch sub box
JL Audio 8W3V3-4
Interior Upgrades
DRC Custom 2 tone Leather Seat with Masonry Inserts 
DB Carbon Door Handles
DB Carbon Door Inserts
DB Carbon Full Dash Trim
DB Carbon Glove box Handle
DB Carbon Steering Wheel Surround
DB Carbon Mirror Switch Caps
DRC Stitched Arm Rest
Red Porsche Head Rest Logo
DRC Stitched door pocket covers
DRC Wrapped Steering Wheel
Painted Hand Brake
Painted Lower Dash Trim
Exterior Upgrades
Avery Dimmenson Matte Black Full Vehicle Wrap
Titanium Hood Badge
Red Brake Calipers
Victory Innsbruck Black Wheels
Black Exhaust Tip
Painted Mirrors
Painted rear diffuser
Logo Brake Caliper 
Painted Side Vents
Front LED bumper light Upgrade
Front LED Side Markers
Geoshiled Window Tint
LED door lights
Custom Exhaust 
and who know what else 
I will be posting photos of the whole process and videos
Subscribed and stay tuned


Day One and Two Video



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Written by Shane Simpson — February 13, 2014

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