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So going into the second week were sticking to our time frame. We are receiving parts back from the interior shop. The door panels and the arm rest are done as well as the steering wheel is recovered and we have the insert of the seats being produces. the custom Porsche crest for the hear rest have came back from the embroidery shop.  The seats and interior is coming together very well. Our signature SK interior stitching is looking like a million dollars and were using the same leather the Bentley Motors uses on their cars. We choose if because of the deep red Hyde and the rich grain pattern to play to a person Kinetic scenes. We have also asked the seats to be rebuilt and reinforced to make them more comfortable. The smaller double diamond pattern know as the SK stitch is actually a double Masonry pattern used by Bentley on the GT3 racing car. George and Andre are convenience that we are out right mental defects and if they only knew. Yes our vision may not make common sense to them but I'm pushing the envelope and trying to set a trend instead of following them. This car has to be one of a kind!


Day 5 Interior Department Updates



Now after we check in with the Interior department is is back over to the Paint department to check the status on the Paint work. Matte Painting is actually regular paint but with a satin clear coat. The clear coat still protects the 3 stage paint process but does not have the sheen of a gloss or a hi gloss finish. The finishing work is a light wet sand a polish and we don't build up the coats to make it less attractive. it need to match the consistency of the wrap material and we actually used a piece of wrap for a sample. The Painter follow our vision perfectly and we have some video of the final product. Keeping to our time frame is very important and they understand that so we had a quick turnaround and the customer was very satisfied. Our video series on this car is getting a lot of views which we could not be more happier. Thank you for tuning in a following this one of a kind Sinister Edition Porsche Boxster Designed by Saturn Killed and built by Al & Ed's Autosound Marina Del Rey. 


Day 6 Paint Shop


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Written by Shane Simpson — February 14, 2014

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